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Specializing in technology, security, manufacturing and procurement of safety equipment, bio-technologies and chemicals with offices in U.S.A., South America and Asia.



Global Advisory Firm Built on Ethics and Accountability

Medical Defense Company was founded on the framework of ethical accountability standards that protect the well being of the global community. During the most challenging times, the world governments and media were in a disarray, MDC was at the epicenter of the PPE crisis. The companies history dates back to 2012 as a glove manufacturer direct platform that developed, OEM and distributed products direct to end buyers in the beauty, medical and industrial markets. So when the world and the United States of America was trying to source protective equipment, MDC's phone was exploding. 

Over the last 9 months, MDC has been at the frontline of fighting this global humanitarian crisis. The team of experts in healthcare, law, compliance, security, government relations, logistics and capital finance have spent endless days working to source products that would keep the frontline warriors safe.  However during this crisis, another even larger systematic issue was born. The market of PPE turned into one of the largest fraud, misrepresentation and unethical marketplaces in the history of the world mostly unregulated. Sellers would claim to have stock, requests of endless amounts of confidential financial information, 100's of advisory hours spent and in the end, equipment was never actually available or the title seller was not presented.

How we are fighting this Global Crisis?

Medical Defense Company has assembled a global alliance of strategic partners, organizations and government agencies that are committed to following strict ethical guidelines and standards. The following list outlines solutions and area of focus that we provide to the market:

  • MDC DNA Lab Technology - Patented FDA Approved EUA Mobile Self Contained Laboratory Technology for SARS Covid-19 testing with 97.5% Accuracy 

  • WorldClear - Marketplace for buyers, sellers, capital, risk management and  logistics

  • Pistopio - Underwriting, compliance and legal management platform

  • Procurement and Secure Logistics

  • Manufacturing and System Automation

  • Technology, Hardware and Software

  • Government and Political Relations

  • Capital Markets and Project Finance