Mobile Lab Technology 

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MDC DNA Mobile Lab Technology is a FDA Approved EUA Patented Bio Technology for Rapid Molecular Tests for SARS Covid-19. This complete lab system includes a 15 minute rapid Covid-19 test with 97% accuracy, a Mobile Self-Contained Laboratory, and  a mobile app for quick results. The full lab system is ideal for Sports Stadiums, Large Events, Cruise Ships and Business Conferences that require quick and accurate Covid-19 test results.

MDC Mobile Lab Technology is a partnership between MDC, DNA Health Solutions, TNC Health Solutions and MobileBioDetect.

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MDC Manufacturing

Our team of engineers, scientists, and industry experts can provide advisory consulting for wide range of manufacturing systems, robotics and automation systems.


Currently we are developing manufacturing facilities in U.S.A, Europe, Asia and South America for Nitrile Gloves.

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Marketplace and Clearinghouse

WorldClear is a Medical Defense Company platform that provides Buyers, Sellers, Capital, Logistics and Risk Management providers a safe secure place to do business. 


WorldClear is built on the ethical and self regulatory framework which aims at eliminating the misrepresentation, fraud and illicit actions of non principle parties.

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MDC Supply Chain & Procurement

Our global network of offices, partnerships and market professionals can provide in depth insight into the global supply chain and procurement of medical equipment, final manufacture goods, raw materials and manufacturing technology.

Our procurement, supply chain and logistics team can provide the following solutions:

  • Planning, negotiating and relationship development

  • U.S. and International Government Relations

  • Physical and technology security logistics

  • Due diligence, compliance and ethical process management


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Pistopio is an Underwriting, Compliance and Legal Management platform. The platform provides the following tools:

  • Pre Due Diligence

  • DocuTrust - multiple parties can share legal documents in confidentiality

  • Transaction and Contract Analysis

  • Compliance management

  • Certification of physical inspections of goods and unregulated commodities

  • Paymaster/ Escrow Service

  • KYC, CIS, AML Certification

  • Fraud Mitigation 


πιστοπιο is  a Greek term that translates to certificate or verify (Pistopio).